Mangold Global GmbH

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Sourcing
  • Quality Control
  • Purchase / Custom-made production
  • Import and customs handling (logistics)
  • Network in China

How it works:

We make it our job to provide the best possible service. What does this mean?

Mangold Global GmbH is your import and purchase expert for products from China.

What is the process sequence?

You send us a request for a quote. If possible with an exact description of the goods, the technical details, quantity, desired price, etc.

The most important step in order to start negotiating is to find good, responsible and trustworthy suppliers. Some of the Chinese suppliers are not trustworthy. A careful selection is essential. It is also important to respect cultural differences and to know these, in order to get good a deal. We work tirelessly to find reliable suppliers.

After negotiations, we will request samples, with the technical details and description of goods you provided for us. We will request your feedback on these samples to ensure they fulfill your requirements. After completion, of these necessary steps, we can start the ordering process.

Furthermore, during this process, we will check, if the final product complies with your sample, if this service is desired.

What happens when your order is ready?

We will provide the service of importing these goods, handle customs, check if your product fulfills European standards.