Mangold Global GmbH

About Us

Let us introduce ourselves:

Mangold Global GmbH resulted from the idea of the eldest brother to start a family business.

Since childhood, we have spent much time in foreign countries and experienced different cultures, people and languages. We visited an international school in the Netherlands for several years and grew up trilingual. This experience was the stepping stone for us to travel the world. We have lived in various countries. Sweden, America, China and the Netherlands are just the countries, where we have lived for at least one year. Our family has a strong multicultural background, with roots in Germany, Jamaica, Canada and Columbia.

The eldest brother has been living in China with his family (after graduating in mechanical engineering) since 2014, where he is improving his knowledge about the Chinese culture.

Hannes Mangold successfully finished his bachelor degree in „Regional China studies and business administration“. During his studies he lived in China for a year, to learn more about the people, culture and language.

After Michel Mangold successfully completed his bachelor degree in „business mathematics“ in Germany he moved to Sweden to complete his Masters in „Computational Science“. His strengths are solving complex tasks with his emphasis on informatics and mathematics.

Furthermore our shareholder and Senior Partner, Dr. Matthias Mangold, provides us with advice and counseling. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry. His experience as head of strategical planning and enterprise development are a huge benefit for our company.

We all bring a variety of know-how and expertise which complement each other and lay a perfect foundation to successfully fulfill your goals and wishes.

We want to use our qualifications and experience to provide the best possible service and to satisfy your goals. Your satisfaction in our service is our priority.